Martha Health Care: The stories of experience

Read the testimonies of those who are fighting and those who managed to overcome the obstacle of the disease not only makes us feel less alone in the path, but gives a hope confirmed by the great research results.

Martha Health Care wants to share the stories and the lives of people who have had, or have to, deal with cancer, and they want to tell and share their experience. In this area we want to welcome the fragments of daily life, solutions and strategies, emotions, books and movies that can help you to understand, exorcise and defuse doubts, fears and difficulties along the way.

"To oncological patients of yesterday, today and tomorrow"



I already felt a little bit unlucky when I was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 24, among other things, a few months later I was operated for a suspected melanoma. But when I found myself in front of the shelf of cosmetics in the pharmacy, with the infinite shopping list of products that would serve me during my journey, it was a despair.
I supported everything: diagnosis, ...

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Why should I leave a trace, fix on the paper the emotions, that my soul wanted to forget? The long-term mental and physical sufferings forced me to think, gave me important lessons. Here is the deep meaning: to review some aspects of my life and to try to improve myself, to listen myself. When you find out you have cancer, the time stops. Suddenly ...

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Undergo the chemotherapy can save your life, but the side effects leave visible signs on the body. It is evident that you are ill in the eyes of others, if the cancer is working subtly inside without being noticed, the therapy that fights it highlights the disease. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can be recognized at first sight ...

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