Cosmetics can help

Undergo the chemotherapy can save your life, but the side effects leave visible signs on the body. It is evident that you are ill in the eyes of others, if the cancer is working subtly inside without being noticed, the therapy that fights it highlights the disease. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can be recognized at first sight.

During the cycle I was subjected to, the mirror gave me back a demeaning picture, it was not just the discomfort that I felt, to remove my hope was not to know myself like the person I was. The skin was dull and pale, with the deep dark circles, I had sores in my mouth, that made difficult to chew and very visible scars that remind me all the time that I had undergone the devastating operation.

The aid came from cosmetics, that I have called cuddles, that supported me to overcome the hardest time. A good face cream with only natural ingredients, because my body was already full of poison, allowed me to take care of myself, made ​​my skin hydrated and reduced my dark circles.

I used consistently the oil on the surgery scars and I used to massage the breast skin subjected to the tension of the expanders. It was an essential product, the scars were greatly reduced and the skin of the breast feels soft without stretch marks.

I alleviated boredom of the sores in the mouth with a specific dental paste without strong flavors, because at that time I could not stand almost anything without being overwhelmed by nausea.
The product that I loved and still use consistently is the body cleansing mousse, a real cuddle, the skin is soft and moisturized after bathing, and I do not need nothing else.

There are many weapons today that are fortunately available to fight cancer, cosmetics helps to take care of ourselves and to relieve the effects of therapy. Feel better about yourself cheers you up and allows you to look to the future with more serenity.


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