Martha Health Care born from the desire for health and beauty addressed to particularly stressed skin after long-term exposure to external agents, aggressive drug treatments and therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The appearance and the daily care routine of our skin is of the great importance for women and for men. It is much more important if we consider how due to prolonged therapy and dermal stress, one continues to work and to have a life full of social relations.

Taking care of the appearance can help one to deal with the moments of difficulty and change, offering a well-being that can have an even more positive impact on the effectiveness of therapies.

Taking care in the cosmetic level is made of attention, responsibility and awareness of needs and requirements of the skin at this particular period of life, selecting special soothing, moisturizing and protective formulations and functional and anti-contamination packaging (airless).

The Made in Italy excellence made of research and continuous investment to assist, through our products and services, the patients and their families in the day-to-day battle.

Feeling good helps you feel better.