Martha Health Care chooses as protagonists and models of their campaigns women and men who have had direct and indirect contact with the tumor.

The goal is to raise awareness through video, photos and texts, citizens, creating around the oncological patients and their families a network of solidarity, hope and information.

In addition to being a promoter of campaigns, events and courses, Martha Health Care promotes the national and international dissemination of the culture of prevention and in-depth knowledge in the field of oncology.

Martha Health Care: Beyond

Beyond cancer, there are men and women with their stories and their emotions.

Cancer not only affects those who have it. But his life, and life is made of people, is made of sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, grandchildren and grandparents, nurses, doctors, employers, friends and girlfriends. Cancer is made ​​out of fear, anger, can switch off the hope, can depress, can make us no longer recognize who we are, takes possession of our body sucking the lymph to grow and develop.

It is often necessary to touch the bottom of one's life, to be disarmed to realize that it is enough to open your eyes and to see that there are other possibilities, new horizons.

Beyond cancer there are always stories of life.

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