My experience

I already felt a little bit unlucky when I was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 24, among other things, a few months later I was operated for a suspected melanoma .. But when I found myself in front of the shelf of cosmetics in the pharmacy, with the infinite shopping list of products that would serve me during my journey, it was a despair.

I supported everything: diagnosis, invasive tests, exhausting waits.. But that infinity of the tubes was enough to experience the crisis. A black crisis, however!! I saw my skin changed, my mouth sore and then my face.. I could not think to put a product on the face of which I was not 100% sure. I continued to explore each product and found contraindicated ingredients in each of them.
I kept looking dry skin on my arms and I could not bear the thought that my face was so reduced.. even after everything the skin of the face was smooth!

You know what I did?! I took a brand name product for the body, I bypassed the face cream, I thought I was safe with a well-known brand for the toothpaste and so on..

Three days after I was losing skin flakes as after the beach, I cried every time I was brushing my teeth because of too strong flavors of the toothpaste and I had gagging every time I sniff a soap or a cream because of the inappropriate scents.. I mean, my face was kept much more better, then other parts!!!
So often using a mediocre and especially ASPECIFIC product creates more harm than good.

Fortunately SPECIFIC products can be a quick solution.

With the constant use of the products of this line in a couple of days I could regain elastic skin and recover skin folliculitis (complication related to the assumption of massive doses of cortisone), I was finally able to brush my teeth and I happily found an excellent product for face care.

These products not only have solved various problems I had (dry skin and folliculitis) and prevented the occurrence of the others (vaginitis), but they are so comfortable and relaxing that I decided to continue to use them at the end of my course of disease.
Among other things, my tumor taught me to take better care about myself.. It seemed right to start from my body!


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